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Public & Social Sector Consulting Services 

JCZ was founded on the philosophy that systems, while well intentioned, have been stagnant for years and that the catalyst needed to disrupt systems to promote better outcomes for our community is supporting system leaders and stakeholders in developing strategies that will produce real results for your community. 


The Organization is founded by James Czarniak who has spent the past twenty years working in the non-profit and government sectors.  Most recently he was the Deputy Commissioner for the Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services overseeing the Child Welfare Division.  Previously James worked as Director of Juvenile Justice for the County, running the juvenile probation department and the local secure detention facility.  Other work experience includes working for the Boys & Girls Clubs in Syracuse and in Greater Washington, DC.  


In addition, James is a member of the Annie E Casey Applied Leadership Network, completed certificates in Data Sharing and Multi-System Integration from Georgetown University Public Policy Institute and is trained in Results Based Accountability, Results Based Leadership and Results Based Facilitation.  JCZ Consults also has a team of consultants with vast experience in data analytics, media and communications, and program development and training.  


We understand the pressures facing today's leaders and the tremendous responsibility and time it takes to make positive system change and JCZ consults understands every system and leader is different which is why our approach is simple-- listen to you and your team and develop customized services that will help your agency and your system move away from just working hard, but also producing results!   


We believe and respect that all systems and leaders want what's best for their clients and community 

  • We believe and respect that systems are overworked and that change is not a lack of desire, but a lack of resources to support systems 

  • We understand that leaders and systems need to be flexible and will work with systems and leaders to help them on their timeline 

  • We understand that leaders today need to be adaptive and that new challenges come up and we are also willing to adapt to the needs of the system and system leadership

  • We respect that it is difficult to assess your system and that we not always focus on what is going wrong, but look at the potential of expanding things that are going right 

  • We value the input of all stakeholders in assisting in the change process and welcome input from staff (all levels), clients and community members and key stakeholders and will always treat them with respect and ensure they understand their value 

  • No Judgement Ever...We are here to help you and your team develop a pathway to your desired results for your community because you know your community best. 

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